• Red Items 3

    Red Hot at Minima02.05.2016

    Red is the color of energy, determination, passion, and love. Red excites us and motivates us to take action. In honor of red being Minima’s favorite color, here are a few red pieces from our collection.
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    New Rug Collection01.30.2016

    Introducing our Rug collection, handwoven and hand knotted in Nepal, Turkey, and Argentina. Minima’s newest additions from Living Divani, designed by Harry&Camila, are characterized by the skillful use of precious materials such as fine wool and natural silk. The rest of the collection includes over-dyed vintage pieces and 100% all natural shearlings. Minima will be holding a display rug sale Jan. 30 – Feb. 27.
  • wk-liz-wood

    New Liz Wood from Walter Knoll01.26.2016

    Introduced just last week in Cologne, the Liz Wood from Walter Knoll mixes lightness with maximum comfort. The chair unites the best of naturalness and opulence, as elegant solid wood legs carry the soft upholstery. Drawn-in precisely to structure the spacious upholstery on seat and backrest. The fine seam patterns, the authenticity of the wood, the exceptional comfort – these are the hallmarks of lasting design.
  • Nichetto_Lounge_L_LR_lightbox_photo_photo

    Casa da Escrita01.22.2016

    The photoshoot for the new pieces by Luca Nichetto was held at a very special location, Casa da Escrita in Coimbra, Portugal. Formerly known as Casa do Arco, the residence of the late poet João Cochofel, Casa da Escrita was refurbished in 2010 by architect João Mendes Ribeiro, and repurposed as a space for writing events and a temporary residence for practicing writers. The refurbishment was sensitive to the historic features of the building, preserving elements such as decorative ceilings and corniced walls, while simplifying the living spaces, adding flexibility, and bringing a warm, functional modernity.
  • Reviving Velasca

    Reviving Velasca01.10.2016

    Built in 1958, the Velasca Tower was part of the first generation of modern Italian buildings. Inspired by medieval fortresses, it holds a special place in the Milan skyline representing a bridge from old to new, and is easily identified by its geometric shape. Living Divani just opened a showroom on the ground floor of the Velasca Tower, and created an exclusive event space in the tower’s penthouse. Designed by the celebrated Piero Lissoni, there are 4 distinct settings that create a dream home-like atmosphere. The result is a sophisticated refuge where the tensions of the city are absorbed providing unexpected moments of relaxation.
  • The Frog Chair Turns 20!

    The Frog Chair Turns 20!12.24.2015

    There are things that even after 20 years are still there, in their place, as new as ever.